10 Safest Countries in the World

These days everyone is trying to find a safe corner to live and it is the desire of every person to lead a calm and peaceful life. In this list, I am going to tell you the top ten internationally accepted safe and calm countries with non-existent or negligible crime rate

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    Iceland is the safest and best country for someone who is seeking peace and guaranteed safety. It is recorded that the crime rate over here is about nil. The reports reveal about zero percent crime rate in Iceland. It has a large variety of biodiversity and you can enjoy a lot over there.

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    New Zealand

    New Zealand also has peace and safe environment. It is really a heaven on earth because of its natural beauty, glaciers and hilly areas. It is certainly one of the best places to live and visit.

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    Tuvalu is one the smallest countries of the world and it is quite possible for you to hear the name of such country for the first time. It is basically an island and it is beautiful and peaceful country.

  4. 4


    Denmark is a well-known European country and everyone must show its will to go there. It is famous for its economic growth and also for peace and safety of life and money. The climate is pleasant and the crime rate is very low here.

  5. 5


    Ireland is also a place with security and peace. It is a small country, but it is well known due to its natural beauty. It is one of the largest island on the earth.

  6. 6


    Norway is a country with very low crime ratio too. It is due to strong economy and safe atmosphere.

  7. 7


    Australia is one of the emerging countries of the world as its economy is rising rapidly. The crime rate is very low. People are mostly self-dependent and houses made there are so beautiful that show the wellbeing, progress and high quality life standard of the people.

  8. 8


    Austria is covered by high mountains that make it safe and also beautiful making it a beautiful place to visit as well safe to live.

  9. 9


    Finland has also attained its position to come in the safest countries of the world.

  10. 10


    Sweden is also a safe country to live where there is surety of life security and safety of property. There is no major crime in Sweden.

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