10 Smallest Countries in the World

10 Smallest Countries in the World

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    Vatican City

    Vatican City is the smallest city of the world. It occupies only 0.44 Sq. km. located on the bank of the great state Rome. It is 100% free from the rule of Italy. It consists of only one city. The population of the Vatican City is not more than a thousand.

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    Monaco consists of the 1.98 sq. km area of land and is famous for its exotic look and atmosphere. It is a small Iceland full of exotic character. You can visit it to enjoy shores and the glamour there. It is a beauty of the Europe.

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    Gibraltar’s area is just 6.8 km. It is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and is located at the south eastern coast of Spain. The nature is in abundance here. It is a great place to visit and enjoy the nature.

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    Tokelau is situated on 10 sq. km only. It is an independent island of New Zealand. It is, in fact, a small paradise right on the earth as it is the most beautiful country in the world and the people living here are also so good.

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    Nauru’s area is 21 sq. km. It is a small and exotic island on the earth. Its population is 13,000 and it is based on the economy of the Australia.

  6. 6


    Tuvalu occupies 26 sq. km of land area, located right between Hawaii and Australia.

  7. 7

    Norfolk Island

    Norfolk Island’s area is 34.6 sq. km. This island is located between New Zealand and Australia.

  8. 8


    Bermuda’s area is 53.2 sq. km. It is a small beautiful country with sand beaches.

  9. 9

    San Marino

    San Marino’s area is 61.2 sq. km and it is the oldest historic country in the Europe. It has beautiful mountain ranges.

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    Liechtenstein’s area is 160 sq. km. This small country is surrounded by two major countries Australia and Sweden.

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