10 Years On! BUT We Haven't Learn Any Lessons From 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan

Oct 10 2005, 2 days after the earthquake when relief team of PMA reached Manshera, their first stop was the (KBDO) Kid’s Blood Disease Organization, hospital at Shahnawaz Chowk in Mansehra. Team included anaesthetists, orthopaedic surgeons, gynaecologists, general surgeons, physicians and voluntary medical students.

All big building had collapsed in Islamabad but between Abbottabad and Mansehra there were countless of damage buildings in fact some of them were totally destroyed. No one could tell the actual extent of destruction. The Distressed and tense faces everywhere and panic whenever there was an aftershock was the normal phenomenon.

In Mansehra, the road to Muzaffarabad was closed and Pak Army was working to open it. Balakot was totally destroyed. Injured people were flooding the medical college hospital which was not able to cope with the number of patients.

Here are 10 Images to understand the actual Grief.....

  1. 1

    People Coming To Find Shelter, Suffering and Not Getting Even First Aid

    Source: www.itdunya.com
  2. 2

    Disastar at Islamabad

    Source: i.dawn.com
  3. 3

    Broader view of Kashmir Disaster

  4. 4

    Death became Acceptance

    Source: www.itdunya.com
  5. 5

    Many Tallest Buildings Collapsed

  6. 6

    Another Buildings Collapsed With more Death Toll

  7. 7

    Helpless Still Helping Themselves

    Source: i.ytimg.com
  8. 8

    Women, Children, Elders Screaming and Waiting

  9. 9

    Kashmir earthquake occurred at 08:50:39

    Source: www.golder.com
  10. 10

    Rescue workers and volunteers gather at a collapsed building in Islamabad.

    Source: i.dawn.com

    I felt ashamed of myself and wondered about the priorities of our different governments and the members of my profession. It is very important to protect the trees, mountains, wildlife and natural beauty of this area for our future generations. Ten years after the earthquake, we must realise that while we have lost a lot of time, there is still an opportunity to move in the right direction.

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