1st Pakistan E-commerce to Upgrade to Magento 2.1

Launched in early 2016, Jambo.pk is Pakistan’s leading online shopping store. Developed on the Magento platform, the e-store is building new standards and creating benchmarks that are keeping everyone on its toe. The love affair between the two of the best, Jambo.pk and Magento is for sure bringing all good to customers and even shoppers. As the Pakistani e-commerce market grows the shoppers and sellers are finding more and more reasons to believe and revive their faith. And guess who is pushing it all along, none other than Jambo.pk and Magento.

Launched in early 2016, Jambo.pk has since then had a quality experience while it settles for new and new heights. Among the many online shopping stores from local to international currently operating in the market, Jambo.pk happens to be the only one designed on Magento. The technical that the product gets from Magento is undeniably the best and helps users get the best of experience. From front end to back end Magento makes sure that the user is at ease with the best of services.

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    How Does it Help?

    Source: www.jambo.pk

    You might still be confused what good can Magento actually bring and why has Jambo.pk been so loyal to the operating system. Well for starters, Magento is the latest of online shopping customized platforms. So, it’s not like Wordpress or custom PHP that you can build anything upon it. Magento solely serves the purpose of big businesses. This is something highly beneficial for online shopping in Pakistan. Given that the industry is young and does not have understanding to the level of Alibaba and or Amazon, online shopping websites in Pakistan can for sure ask for a dedicated platform serving the business the best. Likewise, if you visit the new Jambo.pk what you will find is a plentiful of payment options. This is in complete contrast to the fact that most websites of online shopping in Pakistan prefer payment on delivery. Magento hence is the real charm giving you the option of paying in whatever way you like. Here are some more of the features that have been enhanced in the new Jambo.pk powered by Magento 2.1.

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    Content Staging and Preview

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    Though this happens to be on the back end of the product this is going to help the shoppers equally. The new Magento 2.1, helps the user to stage and load the content more quick and efficiently. This can only be understood by a cataloguer who spends tiring hours and at times days updating thousands of SKUs (stock keeping unit) on sites like Jambo.pk. The shoppers though may not understand how it important this can turn out to be when there are no catalogues raining and you are supposed to updated, the new content staging and preview helps in saving the day and pretty much Jambo.pk.

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    Elastic Search

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    If you have been at Jambo’s 1.9 version you pretty much understand the trouble of getting past the search. Well, we are not shy of acknowledging what is right and what is wrong in our product. The 1.9 version used to take time and at times results used to get messed up. A new version that could help beloved shoppers was required and hence the cupid delivered. The new Magento 2.1 has the new elastic search feature. So the next time you are searching for your loved product, the new Jambo.pk powered Magento 2.1 makes sure that the results are exactly what are being looked for and the shoppers have their choice fulfilled. For no doubt, this love affair is creating miracles and the only party benefiting from this all happens to be none other than shoppers.

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    What to Look For?

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    Well obviously you will be wondering so what has the new Jambo.pk actually go on offer. As part of the revamp you are in for a treat you are not going to forget. You will be getting jaw dropping Mobile prices in Pakistan as well as Laptop prices in Pakistan. Just drop by and search for your favorite brand. All popular air conditioner brands in Pakistan are displayed right on the front and people don’t need to worry a bit. Likewise, the new Jambo.pk also reinvents the idea of clothing store in Pakistan. Be it the men clothing store in Pakistan or women Clothing store in Pakistan there is something for everyone.

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