2 Pakistani Army Soldiers Killed In Indian Cross-Border Firing

Pakistani troops befittingly responded to Indian unprovoked firing on loc in Bhimber, hotspring, kel, and Lipa sectors. Exchange of fire which started at 0230 hrs after midnight continued till 0800 hrs.
2 Pakistani soldiers embraced shahadat.

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    Pakistani Army troops Killed In Indian Cross-Border Firing

    2 Pakistan army soldiers have been killed in an exchange of cross border firing initiated by Indian troops on the Line of Control (LoC), reported Waqt News.

    According to ISPR Official Facebook page, unprovoked firing by Indian forces started around 2:30 AM and continued till 8:00 AM on LoC in Kel, Hotspring, Bhimpar and Lipar sectors, to which Pakistan army responded by firing back. The exchange resulted in the deaths of two Pakistan army officers.
    The attack by the Indian forces comes at a time when tensions between the two bordering countries are high after the Uri attack which claimed the lives of 18 Indian soldiers and which the Indian government alleges was perpetuated by Pakistani sponsored terrorists.

    Both countries are nuclear powers and while Pakistan has been raising the issue of human rights abuses by Indian forces in Kashmir on international forums, the Indian government has been labeling Pakistan a "terrorist state" on the international stage.

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