3 Smart Application Lock You Must Try

These applications can help you in locking up your mobile applications from being available to anyone who touches your phone. Try all these apps as your smart app locks to keep your privacy secured.

  1. 1

    Voice Screen Lock

    This Voice Screen Lock app is really a wonderful application that allows you to access your phone with only your voice.

  2. 2

    Fingerprint Lock

    The Fingerprint Lock smart app has a modern design and it smartly responds to your touch. Isn’t it cool? Tell your friends about this micro fingerprint scanner and add this on your smart phone today.

  3. 3

    Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

    This all new app allows you to keep your private stuff private. This App Lock is also called Gallery Hider smart app. With its features, you can lock different parts of your cell, it could be Gallery, Call Logs, SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail, File Manager, Contacts, Google Play Store, Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, or any of your other apps.

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