5 Animals you have Never Seen Before in Your Life

Many of us must be friendly with known animals that include the Parrots, scorpions, sponges, sea dragon, sea stars, etc. These are the 5 animals you've never heard or see in real life.

  1. 1

    Red cap goldfish

    Red cap goldfish is called Oranda due to the prominent hood that covers its head. It attracts and give a look as the brain has come on the outside.

  2. 2

    King of Saxony bird of Paradise

    This is The King of Saxony Bird of Paradise, They lives in the mid or upper montane forests and stays alive with fresh juicy fruits.

  3. 3

    The Pistol Shrimp

    The Pistol Shrimps are Titled as the noisiest creature in the oceans. They lives in deep colonies. These are known for making a distinctly differentiable snapping noise in the oceans.

  4. 4

    Blue footed booby

    The blue footed bobby resides from the Gulf of California to Peru. Their bright blue feet as are used as sexually selected trait as the male attracts the female blue footed bobby he likes by dancing.

  5. 5

    Amber phantom butterfly

    This is a special rarely seen butterfly named as Haetera piera in scientific terms. This is Commonly called as the amber phantom butterfly. Found in the Brazil, Peru, Guianas, Bolivia and Venezuela

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