5 Basic Eye Makeup Styles

05 Basic Eye Makeup Styles Will Give You Life

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    1. Natural Eye Makeup

    Want to add a little pop to an everyday look without drawing too much attention? Define the crease with more natural eyeshadows with light eyeliner and mascara. Go for a brown palette, or colors that accentuate your skin tone.

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    2. Shimmery Eye

    Want a look that’s versatile from daytime to night? Go for eyeshadows with a soft shimmer that will illuminate your lids. Subtle metallic or pastel colors like a light bronze (shown here) can be worn any time of day.

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    3. Gradient Eyeshadow

    Want to add some colorful drama to your eyeshadow game? Play with gradients: gradually apply a light eyeshadow from your inner eye to a darker eyeshadow at the outer edge of your eye. Blend where the colors meet. Shadows with shimmer work best.

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    4. Heavy Eyeliner

    Feeling like a rock star today? Go for an extra dramatic look by lining the top and bottom of your eye with a bold black liner, connecting at the inner eye. Lining your waterline is optional.

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    5. Smokey Eye

    The smokey eye is a perennial favorite with lots of different approaches. Overall, choose darker pigments for your eyeshadow. Line the eyes (waterline included), smoke out with a pencil eyeliner, and blend your eyeshadow well for a sophisticated evening look.

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