5 Celebrites Before They Were Celebs

Celebs before they become celebrity are not much beautiful and prefect as they are now, some of there before and after pics are following

  1. 1

    Ashley Tisdale

    Ashley Tisdale is a singer and actress and she also work in her teen in Disney`s High School Musical movie, she has had a small nose job and a few minor corrections. Do you think she looks prettier?

  2. 2

    Megan Fox

    It is rumored that Megan Fox has spent over $60,000 on cosmetic surgery over the past years. Do you thing it was worth the money to look that much prettier? Perhaps, her acting career has taken off over the years so maybe all those facial adjustments paid off.

  3. 3

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is adored by women all over the world but he wasn’t always sexy. Not so long ago most girls wouldn’t have given him a second look but after a few plastic surgeries they are all over him.

  4. 4

    Blake Lively

    Some news comes that actress Blake Lively has had a small nose job and her eyes seem bigger nowadays too. Whether she had other corrective surgery or whether her smaller nose brings out her eyes more, we are not sure.

  5. 5

    Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie claims she has never gone under the knife but the news comes that her nose is a lot smaller nowadays tells otherwise. Take a look at the pictures of her than and now and tell us what you think.

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