5 Reasons Why 'Sanam Teri Kasam' Failed To Impress

Sanam Teri Kasam’s fizz settled down quickly after it premiered in Karachi. For the reason that it’s Mawra Hocane’s Bollywood debut, our homegrown talent merits credit score for her performing prowess inside the movie. But even her appearing couldn’t store the clumsy script from drowning.

  1. 1

    You Know The Ending Before It Starts

    Fundamental giveaway! One of the beginning photographs suggests a heartbroken inder standing below the colour of a tree that reads saraswati parihar (1994-2005). K so, mawra dies in the route of the film, no satisfied finishing.

  2. 2

    The Never-Ending ‘Bechari’ Syndrome

    Simply while we notion we wouldn’t see mawra in a damsel-in-misery avatar anymore, she gives us yet another tear-ridden position. This time around she performs a nerdy lady who be afflicted by the so-known as sufferer persona.

  3. 3

    It’s All About Impressing Guys

    Mawra’s character seems to simplest have one goal in existence: to affect the other intercourse so she can get married. However due to the fact her sati savitri (easy) appearance is a prime issue, her desperation gets the higher of her. She ends up on inder’s door at 4am begging for a splendor transformation.
    After having previously been rejected by using almost 10 guys, saru’s notable transformation makes her weigh down (one in all her colleagues) swoon over her and she conveniently accepts his marriage concept. Cliché plenty?

  4. 4

    Indigestible Dialogues

    Wife ko permission nahi doge, toh kaise jaegi?” Saru on her deathbed.

  5. 5

    The Never-Ending End

    Saru’s loss of life become a tiring affair, one which refused to quit and went on forever and ever …
    If we didn’t persuade you, here’s the trailer of the movie to help you make up your thoughts.

  6. 6

    Sanam Teri Kasam Official Trailer

    A musical romantic film exploring the journey that ensues when the blue blooded boy inder (harshvardhan rane) – “who wanted to love nobody” crosses paths with saru (mawra hocane) – “whom nobody wanted to like.

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