6 Pakistani Celebrities Who Died But Very Few People Knows About It

Life is mortal. People come and go. Some Pakistani Celebrities died and it became the news that spread like fire. But there are some who died but People don’t know. See yourself

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    Farah Jahanzeb

    Farah Jahanzeb was a cutest chef. She’s one of Pakistani Celebrities who died but People don’t know. She couldn’t fight with breast cancer and died at a very young age of 42. She died on 21st July, 2014.

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    Bilal Khan

    Bilal Khan known as famous TV star. He died on 11 August, 2010. He was severely injured by gas explosion on the set of his drama. He died a day before his birthday.

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    Shamim Aiman

    Shamim Aiman was a pushto singer. She was murdered on 26 April 2009. Her husband says, she was killed by her brothers.

  4. 4

    Mehnaz Begum

    Mehnaz Begum was a Pakistani singer. She was born in 1958. She died in Bahrain. She died in 2013.

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    Tamanna Begum:

    Tamanna Begum was a Pakistani drama and film artist. She was born in 1948 and died on 20 February 2012.

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    Tahira Wasti

    Tahira Wasti was a well Known actress and Pakistani writer. She was born in 1944 and died on 11 March, 2012.

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