8 Fake Movies Posters Which People Think Are Real

8 Fake Movies Posters Which People Think Are Real

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    Interestingly many people believe this poster despite the fake date. Maybe its because the Rock seems to be a perfect fit for Johny Bravo. i personally would love to watch this movie. :D

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    Minecraft Movie

    Everybody got hyped up when they saw this poster however it turned out to be fake later.

  3. 3


    This poster of Atlantis featuring Jessica Alba becomes an instant hit on social media websites, however in the end it turned out too good to be true.

  4. 4

    The Little Mermaid

    People are so desperate for Emma Watson that they believe whatever you show them about her. Although its not a complete poster, however social media was buzzing with her movie after this image went viral. That too was a fake movie.

  5. 5

    Portal Movie

    Portal is one of the most popular game and when someone posted this poster, people get real excited. The poster indeed look so professional that people find it hard to believe that it's a fake and there is no such movie in plan right now.

  6. 6


    This epic poster was able to actually fool some top movie blogs into believing that its real. There is no such movie plan so far.

  7. 7

    Yasuo The Movie

    if you know anything bout games then you sure have heard about League of Legends. Its an epic game with millions of people playing it religiously. Therefore when the news about its movie went viral on social media with this poster, people were too eager to believe and spread the news. However in the end, it too was just a fan made fake poster.

  8. 8

    Space Jam 2

    This poster became so popular that the director of Space Jam has to publicly announced that there are no plans for Space Jam 2 and its a fake poster.

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