8 reasons Why PLUS One Formula or Musharraf Leading MQM is better for Karachi, Urdu Speaking and MQM itself

With sources, media propaganda and pattern of militia control in Karachi it is learnt that there must be Musharraf's re-entry for making things good. As hype is there that Musharraf will take the lead and replaces Altaf Hussain, however technically this isn’t very pragmatic, instead it is a kind of backdoor involvement in which Musharraf will play a diplomatic role to bring peace between pieces of MQM (MQM London, Pakistan, PSP, Haqeeqi, Gher Haqeequi and so on). But Musharraf role will not be limited to MQM and it will go forward to a grand alliance between many smaller and broken parties including PTI and even PML.

  1. 1

    Karachi Experienced Major Developments In Musharraf’s Era

    In Musharraf’s era Karachi experienced some major developments and the best part it was done under Mustafa Kamal’s Mayor Ship and no need to mention Ishrat ul Ibad for being Governor Sindh for 14 years, we must owe Musharraf for the part. So we can definitely expect some hopeful strategy for improvement in MQM and for Karachi.

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    Musharraf Evolved Local Body Framework in Karachi

    Local body framework evolved by Musharraf to transfer power at grassroots levels benefited Karachi and MQM the most. Through manipulation of constituencies, MQM managed to double its vote bank in elections held in 2008 and made severe challenges for PPP to discount its annoyance value in Karachi.

  3. 3

    Musharraf Himself Is a Muhajir/ Urdu Speaking

    Musharraf himself belongs to Urdu Speaking family and born in Delhi, India. His sympathies will be along Urdu Speaking people and will be better for Karachi. He is recorded to be the first ever Muhajir Prime Minister of Pakistan.

  4. 4

    As a Champion Of Indo-Pak Conflicts can Wash the Bad Image of MQM treason favoring India.

    Despite Army person, he was and hopefully is the champion of Indo-Pak conflicts and fought marvelously in Khemkaran sector in Second Kashmir War in 1965-71 and also participated in Sialkot and Lahore warzone, for that he was given Imtiazi Sanad Medal for gallantry. So he can be effective person to wash the image of MQM/RAW connection. He also supported India in 2001 Gujarat Earthquake, when he expressed sympathies to Atal Bihari and send plane of relief supplies and therefore he has a background of better diplomat for Indo-Pak relationships.

  5. 5

    Musharraf Rehabilitated MQM

    Despite knowing the bad track record of MQM, General Musharraf chose to rehabilitate it which was in disarray and to fortify it by meeting all its demands. He agreed to appoint Ishratul Ibad as Governor Sindh after suppressing all cases against him, cleansing 8000 MQM criminals involved in monstrous crimes through dry cleaning of NRO, destroying MQM Haqiqi, a breakaway faction of MQM, and releasing 35 criminals, each in 70 different cases and sentenced by courts.

  6. 6

    MQM and APML Soft yet Backdoor Connections

    MQM was quite comfortable with military rule in Musharraf’s time and political pundit at that time also propagate that Musharraf’s joining the MQM after relinquishing his position as COAS, but, Pervez Musharraf preferred creating his own party (APML). However even after forming APML there was softness between the MQM and APML and on several of issues they shared an identical point of view. Political experts still claim some sort of link between Musharraf’s party and MQM

  7. 7

    Musharraf Actively Step Forward To support MQM at the Time of MQM Fragmentation

    In a statement issued on 3rd September 2016, he termed MQM fragmentation a bad omen and said it is not good for democracy.

  8. 8

    More Than 17 APML workers already joined PSP

    Political pundits still see some connection between the two parties and this theory became more concrete when PSP spokesperson Iftikhar Alam announced name of 17 APML workers joining PSP, including Aasia Ishaque, Lala Abdul Qayyum, Naila Inam, Farrukh Cheema, Ali Abbas, Dr. Kashifa Bukhari, Qari Iftekhar Uddin, Amir Khan, Shabbir Sharh Bukhari, Syed Asim, Imtiaz Tanoli, Muzzamil Malik, Muhammad Salman, Wajahat Khan, Brig Habib Shah, Syed Mohammd Shah, Syed Aijaz Hussain Shah. Musharraf’s statement offering his contribution to save MQM from further fragmentation is significant move.

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