Audience on TV : Innovating Business Model

When the country's biggest show travels out of studio to other towns the demand for its attendance multiplies at least by 5. The show and its production team deserve full credit for mesmerizing the nation with its awe inspiring loyalty and hysteria. Yet, most of this demand is overlooked within the norms of the TV industry because the conventional model revolves around advertising. However, when it comes to innovation and vision, there is no parallel to the business acumen of the ARY Group led by Chairman M. Iqbal, who dares to dream and lead by example.

The 15,000 strong crowd at Karachi's Hockey Stadium was majorly filled by ARY Sahulat Wallet members who topped up their loyalty card to attend Jeeto Pakistan special on the eve of 14th August 2016. Flawless in execution and approved by the highest levels of security the NFC enabled tap devices and our trained staff not only managed the event but also the pre-registration throughout the city.

As the show moved to other cities, the audience business model has effectively capitalized on loyalty marketing concept where shopping on the Sahulat business alliances enables guaranteed attendance in large capacity venues also arranged and managed by Sahulat teams be it Bahria Enclave Islamabad or Bahria Town Lahore. The attendance numbers increase from hundreds to thousands while vendor business growth on Sahulat Wallet creates a winning partnership and an unparalleled model in both the financial and media sector.

This is the prime reason why a second game show called EIDI was re-designed and successfully expanded on the ground, which has travelled from town to town based entirely on the concept powered by ARY Sahulat Wallet. Another feather in the cap of Haji M. Iqbal and ARY Services Team.

This writer is CEO ARY Services (Sahulat) spearheading special projects across ARY Group in media, marketing, technology and financial sectors.

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