Beauty salon for MPAs to be built at Sindh Assembly

In a surprising move, Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani on Monday announced construction of a beauty salon for the provincial lawmakers.

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    Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani

    Durrani said that a beauty parlor for women and a salon will be built for men.

    A small shopping complex and a new multi-level car parking area will also be constructed at the Sindh Assembly. Rs66 crores will be spent on the construction of parking area, he said.This announcement highlights the provincial government’s priorities whereas on the other hand dozens of children have died of hunger in Tharparkar.

    Tharparkar district in the famous Thar Desert spans over 120,000 square miles across the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Though only 15 per cent of the desert lies in Pakistan, high rates of child mortality largely due to acute malnutrition pose a major challenge to the local authorities, humanitarian organisations and civil society groups working in the area.Life is tough for people living in Tharparkar.

    Extreme heat in summer, scarcity of food, unsafe and saline drinking water and lack of access to basic health facilities have an adverse effect on the life and wellbeing of communities.People are generally poor, and lack of rain affects their main sources of livelihood, which are agriculture and livestock.

    As a result, under-nutrition is a common problem among children and women. More than 20 malnourished children have died since start of 2016.

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