Colombia Links Zika Virus To Rare Nerve Sickness Deaths

Zika virus is spread to human beings thru mosquito bites. The maximum not unusual symptoms of zika virus ailment are fever, rash, joint ache, and conjunctivitis (crimson eyes). The infection is generally slight with symptoms lasting from several days to per week. Intense ailment requiring hospitalization is unusual.

In may additionally 2015, the pan american health corporation (paho) issued an alert concerning the first confirmed zika virus contamination in brazil. The outbreak in brazil brought about reports of guillain-barré syndrome and pregnant girls giving beginning to toddlers with beginning defects and bad being pregnant results.

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    Zika Virus Attack Pregnant Woman

    Zika virus attacks pregnant women resulting in birth of babies with disorder.

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    The Zika Virus, Explained

    Why zika was simply declared a global health emergency.

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    The Devastating Zika Virus Explained

    Zika virus is affecting hundreds of thousands of people across south the us but what is this devastating virus?

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    Brazil Links Fast-Spreading Zika Virus to Birth Defects

    Brazil Links Fast-Spreading Zika Virus to Birth Defects.
    Brazil has connected the fast-spreading, dengue-like zika virus to a start disorder called microcephaly, in which infants are born with small heads, consistent with the united states of america’s authorities. So far in 2015, the brazilian fitness ministry has said 739 cases of infants born with microcephaly in nine states which have been hit tough by zika infections, at the same time as final 12 months the equal region mentioned handiest forty five. We observe the hyperlink among the rare neurological circumstance and zika on the lip information with jo ankier and nik zecevic.

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    Zika Virus Attack On Child

    Zika Virus Attack On Child

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