Funny & Dangerous Cow Qurbani Videos

Bakra Eid 2016 is here and we are excited. The main thing about this is Cow Qurbani which is an exciting event due to lots of reasons. Some "Anari Qasai: turns that into dangerous cow qurbani and sometimes due to stupidity of novice, cows managed to run away and turning that qurbani into a memorable and funny cow qurbani. We have compiles the best Funny & dangrous cow qurbani videos 2016 version, Watch the best cow qurbani videos and let us know what you think

  1. 1

    This Cow Isnt Ready for Being BBQ'ed

    The Run Away Cow

  2. 2

    3 People on 1 Big Cow...

    Thats exactly what was supposed to happen when you consider yourself professional qasai but you arent.

  3. 3


    1. Wrong Way to Tight Ropes
    2. Doing Qurbani in front of Another COW who seems to be as dangerous as the other one

  4. 4

    When Your Cow Knows Your Apartment Better Than You

    When you see the person you dont like coming towards you and you run int your house

  5. 5

    Running of the Bulls in Karachi

    We have seen events in Spain where people run in front of bull and now we have our own pakistani version. See the reaction of people who were gathered to see the dangerous qurbani and when they realize that the rope has broken :D

  6. 6

    This Cow Dont Have Repsct for Police

    Well It seems the police has run into a wrong kind of cow :D

  7. 7

    Dangerous Cow Qurbani

  8. 8

    How NOT TO do Qurbani

  9. 9

    Dangerous Cow run away after sacrifice

    well never say never

  10. 10

    Cow vs Qasai = Cow Wins

    Another example of Anari Qasai

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