How to Make Aquarium At Home

Pick a theme. Look at your fish and the room the tank is in. ...
Choose some fish. If you don't already have fish, now is the time to choose which ones you would like to have in your finished setup. ...
Get gravel. ...
Pick plants. ...
Decorate. ...
Add a background. ...
Add your fish! ...

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    inexpensive Inventions to make your fish tank look 'ice'

    Awesome inventions and ideas I've thought of to enhance my fish tank inexpensively.. Send me your ideas... By the way, the sand is better (in my opinion and experience) than gravel because the waste and food remain on the top of the sand, rather than mixing with it like it does with gravel. I DON'T recommend you using silica sand! I tried it for two months and it made some of my fish sick and killed others. And as soon as I put the regular sand in the tank the fish began to get better. They had fin rot with the silica sand and some acted ill..

    UPDATE 01-2016
    I used to put a little aquarium salt (not table salt which is poison to fish) in when adding new water to soften it.. BUT now, it appears they are breeding the fish quite sensitive to salt. And Thus, I don't put salt in anymore when I do a 20% weekly water change and monthly clean filter.

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    Make A Vacuum Suspended Fish Tank

    This is an interesting way to turn a classic science experiment into a functioning addition to a fish tank. It makes a pretty cool display!

    Be sure if you try this to have plenty of water circulation in your tank or the water in the suspended area could become oxygen deprived. There really shouldn't be any problems if the tank is well functioning prior to adding the new compartment. You may also want to put a wide base of some kind below the supports so the extra weight is spread over a larger area and you won't risk cracking the bottom of your tank.

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    Aquarium Setup - Aquascape - Step by Step and Final Product - Live Planted Fish Tank

    Aquarium Setup - Aquascape - Step by Step and Final Product - Live Planted Fish Tank

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    Nature's Chaos" Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of

    Many thanks to James Findley, the creator of Nature's Chaos and founder of The Green Machine - the aquascape is a true testament to his skill and artistic ability.

    You can see more of James' iconic work in our Aquatics Gallery.

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    ShrimpCity Timelapse Aquascaping

    Die kunstvolle und harmonische Gestaltung der Unterwasserlandschaft, in der sich Fische, Garnelen, Krebse oder Schnecken wohl fühlen, hat den stylischen Begriff Aquascaping hervorgebracht.Innovativen ShrimpIsland Weissglasaquarien
    Durch die Verwendung von hochtransparentem Weissglas entfällt der Grünstich, den herkömmliches Floatglas aufweist. So genießen Sie durch unsere ShrimpIsland Aquarien im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes einen glasklaren, ungetrübten sowie sehr natürlichen Blick auf die Tiere und Pflanzen der fantastischen Unterwasserlandschaft im Natur Aquarium. Die Farbbrillanz von Fischen, Garnelen und Krebsen kommt hervorragend zur Geltung.
    High Quality Pools, gefertigt aus hochwertigen Materialien und in einer Verarbeitung, die den höchsten Ansprüchen an Qualität gerecht wird. Vom Glaszuschnitt über den Glasschliff bis hin zu Verklebung und Endkontrolle wird jeder Fertigungsschritt mit größter Sorgfalt ausgeführt. ShrimpIsland Aquarien kommen völlig ohne optisch störende Glasstreben aus.

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    Tokyo Sky Tree Town Sumida Aquarium new

    will tell in the document the state of the new layout production that took place at the Tokyo Sky Tree Town Sumida Aquarium on July 16-17, 2013.
    In Part 1, we introduce the production of two of W180 × D120 × H60cm overflow. And layout using the Yunshan stone and Yukukikusa in the main, is a layout using driftwood and Borubi Ortiz in the main. New layout material, because it is also used landscape stone and moss stone, is also worth to its use

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    How to Make an Aquarium at Home

    DIY : Learn how to make a aquarium using glass, decorative stone and artificial plant.

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    Aquascaping - Aquarium Ideas from ZooBotanica

    Aquariums arranged during the live aquascaping contest, organized at ZooBotanica 2012 fair held on 14-16 September 2012 in Wrocław, Poland. Altogether 16 aquascapers took part in the contest, and 16 nanoaquariums were arranged. There were both planted aquariums and biotope aquariums, some of them really good. The first place was a planted aquarium with rare aquarium plant Bucephalandra, which belongs to the Araceae family. The second place was a composition based on fragments of driftwood, overgrown with phoenix moss and mini pellia. The third place was a layout arranged rather as a "landscape" than an aquascape - two hills, separated by a clear path made of fine sand, and a lonely tree, made of fragment of driftwood. Aquatic plants used in this composition were mostly Eleocharis and Utricularia. As for other aquariums, there was a very nice biotope aquarium, imitating a stream somewhere in South Eastern Asia. The substrate was fine bright sand, there were numerous colorful pebbles on the bottom, lots of driftwood and very nice Microsorum plants. This aquarium was stocked with Stiphodon gobies. Another very original composition was actually not an aquascape, but rather a protest against all forms of kitsch in the fishkeeping hobby. There was a fishbowl put inside the nanoaquarium, with plastic plant and empty sardines can, with the inscription "Fishbowl, Rest in Peace". Such exhibit should be located in every pet shop, to remind the customers and the sellers what should be avoided in the fishkeeping hobby :)

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    Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine

    Aquascape Journal, Photos & Transcript available on our website.
    Spring Special! 20% off your next order on our website. Use code 'SPRING20' at checkout* For a limited time/1 use per customer)
    Full Description to be added soon.
    Enjoy, and Happy Planting!

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    Aquascape Waterfall

    Aqua 60x30 : Baby Tears (micranthemum umbrosum), Hydrocotyle Tripartite, Pelia Mini Timika, Moss Chrismas, Mini Java Fern, Windelov, Hygrophila Balsamica, Camboba, Ludwigia SP Rubin, Tiger Lotus Merah. terima kasih youtube

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    Decorating my goldfish aquarium

    How to decorate a fancy goldfish aquarium like I did! Aquascaping this tank for me, was a challenge. I have not done something like this for 8 years!! Let me know what you think

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