Karachi Green Line Bus – 7 Grey Areas in Karachi Green Line Metro Bus System

More than 20 mass transit-related projects that government of Sindh with great fanfare, administered and ran them for a while and then let them to erode into obscurity.

Karachi Green Line bus, inaugurated in Feb, 2019 is an under construction 112.9 Km rapid transit network from Merewether tower to Surjani Town. After completion which is expected by February 2017, it will be the Pakistan’s largest metro bus network, with estimated 350,000 ridership on 109 km dedicated bus routes.

Following are 7 Real Concerns about the new Green line bus or Karachi metro bus service

  1. 1

    Green Line Comes at Cost of nearly all Green Belts

    As this project speeds, it will ironically driving over corpses of thousands of trees. It will run on segregated lanes and therefore it comes at the cost of all the greenbelts in Central District.

    Environment expert Tofiq Pasha claimed, this project started on bad timing, because February to July is best for transplantation. Transplanted trees in May or June never survive. Let’s see will there be any plan or detailed designs to accommodate the trees again right according to international practice which is to replace trees at minimum rate of 5:1.

  2. 2

    Lyari Expressway: No will, Hence No Way

    In February 2015, PM Nawaz inaugurated Green line with a promise to start Lyari Expressway’s remaining work, however it is yet to happen. However the point is why not government planned something on this existing expressway and started the green line bus exactly from there. May be they were more interested to Serve Construction Contractors rather than administering of running buses to Serve Common Man.

  3. 3

    Circular Railway – A track intact, but Will?

    Why government never pondered to revive the circular railway of which the track is still intact and can cover more ridership than this 16 billion project. May be they need to make something that is a great fanfare rather than to actually serve people.

  4. 4

    Confused Ownership of the Project

    The fate of this project will be similar to past failures. Ironically, primary owner of this project is Federal govt. whose role is only to construct infrastructure and later hand it to Sindh Govt.

    Strange enough, vague ownership now, vague will be future, when this project fail to serve the estimated ridership. How will provincial govt. be able to run this project? In fact it must be owned and administered by Karachi local bodies. Well Karachi govt. is just preserved to own the failure of the project.

  5. 5

    Waste Water Treatment

    The waste and the storm water would be treated at a sewage treatment facility to conform to the National Environmental Quality Standards and then discharged into the nearest sewerage line. At present drain is in adequate condition to face heavy rainfall on entire Green Line corridor and it may become a great challenge to keep this giant transit system running in the incidence of heavy rainfall.

  6. 6

    Past Is to Transform Present For Better Future. Bad History of the Past Will Prevail!

    Sindh Road Transport Corporation, Karachi Transformation Strategy, Karachi Circular Railway, Lyari Express way, Urban Transport Scheme, Green Bus and many such projects were kicked off by Government without any realization. Urban experts fear that fate of Green Line bus project will be as similar to other past projects in Karachi.

  7. 7

    Why to Knockdown The Existing Tracks, Board Office flyover and Nazimabad Bridge?

    Are the buses for green line coming from space that they cannot even touch the older tracks? I think there wasn’t any harm to run it over Board office flyover, and Nazimabad Bridge. So why to demolish them and create great mess for commuters, when there isn’t any alternative routes, despite a service track along the Karachi Circular Railway and still suspicious Saima Bridge View Apartment. Funds aren’t only involve for construction, but much more are needed to demolish a mega structure where there is a need of heavy machinery, dynamites and other explosive materials

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