Little ‘Wasim Akram’ The Swing Legend

Little ‘Wasim Akram’ says he will be lucky to be coached by the swing legend
A little boy with a bowling action identical to swing legend Wasim Akram recently went viral, attracting attention of the ‘Swing ka Sultan’ himself as the kid’s video of bowling in his backyard made rounds on social media.

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    Little ‘Wasim Akram

    The ‘unknown’ boy is no longer that mysterious kid bowling bullets at the wall.

    He is six-year-old Hasan Akhtar from Chichawatni district of Punjab, and he wants to be another Wasim Akram when he grows up.

    “I’ve been playing cricket ever since I started school, and my favourite cricketer is Wasim Akram,” he said, when asked about who inspired him to play the sport.

    Wasim Akram 2.0? Little boy with identical bowling action goes viral

    Hasan bowls in his backyard for 3 to 4 hours daily, so he can bowl like his idol Wasim Akram when he grows up.

    “It would be my good fortune if Wasim Akram coaches me,” he said excitedly.

    Hasan’s parents encourage him to play cricket. His father, who is a farmer by profession, noticed his son's passion for bowling from a very young age.

    Hasan's bowling scares even the bigger and and older players in his village. He is already a pace sensation in his neighbourhood.

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    Hasan Akhtar bowls in his backyard

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