MQM-Pakistan Rabita Committee removes Farooq Sattar as party convener

Karachi: MQM (P) Rabita Committee on Sunday removed Dr. Farooq Sattar as the party's convener.

"Farooq Sattar breached the Rabita Committee's trust," senior party leader Kanwar Naveed Jameel announced in a press conference on Sunday evening.

"He changed the party's constitution without bringing it into the knowledge of the Rabita Committee," he said.
He further alleged that the former party chief had taken, in his control, the rights to select and remove party members without informing the coordination committee.

"We gave in to all of Farooq bhai's [brother's] demands yet he was unwilling to lead the party," said Jameel. "But he is still a member of our party."
Later in the evening, the Rabita Committee unanimously accepted senior party member Amir Khan's suggestion to appoint Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui as the party's convener.

Immediately after Jameel's press conference, Sattar addressed the media to claim that the ongoing rift within the party ranks was in fact over MQM-P's leadership.

"My naive colleagues have proven that the issue was not about the nominations for Senate election, it was about the party leadership," a spirited Sattar told the journalists.

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    MQM Rabita Committee Press Conference

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