North Korea Announces That It Has Detonated First Hydrogen Bomb

North Korea declared Tuesday that it had detonated its first hydrogen bomb.

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    North Korea Says It Just Tested A Hydrogen Bomb. Here's What We Know.

    1. A 5.1 M "seismic occasion" became reported close to north korea's punggye-ri nuclear testing website late tuesday.

    2.North korea's government is claiming that the occasion changed into a hydrogen bomb take a look at. Hydrogen bombs are a greater powerful kind of nuclear weapon than the north has formerly tested, one that north korea first claimed to have developed in december.

    3. There's a real threat that this is a nuclear check: south korean, japanese, and chinese government have stated they accept as true with the earthquake is manmade, and it's far the identical magnitude as a 2013 north korean underground nuclear test.

    4. However, experts warning, we do now not yet have conclusive proof that the earthquake was, in reality, as a result of a nuclear detonation. Nor can we yet recognise if it become a hydrogen bomb even though it turned into nuclear.

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    North Korea

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