Oldest Living Person In The World

Amazing Oldest Living Person In The World

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    Li Ching-Yuen Age-197

    Li Ching-Yuen or Li Ching-Yun was a Chinese herbalist, martial artist and tactical advisor, known for his supposed extreme longevity. He claimed to be born in 1736, while disputed records suggest 1677

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    Misao Okawa Age-117

    Interview [English] Misao Okawa The Oldest Woman Living 2014 From Japan Osaka In Her 117Th Birthday!

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    Ruth Frith Age-104

    Ruth Pursehouse, August 23, 1909 - February 28, 2014) was an Australian centenarian masters athlete. She was the oldest active athlete.[1] She is the current holder of the masters world record in numerous events including the W85 Triple Jump, W100 Shot Put, Discus, Hammer Throw, Weight Throw and Javelin Throw and was the oldest competitor to complete a Throws Pentathlon and thus holds the record in that event.[2] In younger age divisions, she held many more records that have been surpassed.

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    Jeanne Calment Age-122

    Jeanne Calment lived to the age of 122, making her the oldest person in human history. What factors combined to allow her to live that long?

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    Susannah Mushatt Jones Age-116

    Susannah Mushatt Jones
    She just turned "Sweet 116." Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world's oldest living person, was celebrated Tuesday at a Brooklyn birthday bash attended by family, friends and far younger admirers.

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    Shigechiyo Izumi Age-120

    Shigechiyo Izumi Age-120
    Shigechiyo Izumi was a Japanese centenarian who was titled the oldest living person after the death of Niwa Kawamoto, also from Japan

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    Marie-Louise Meilleur Age-117

    Marie-Louise Fébronie Meilleur was a French Canadian supercentenarian who, upon the death of Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, became the world's oldest recognized living person.

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    Gertrude Weaver Age-116

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    Jiroemon Kimura Age-116

    Jiroemon Kimura was a Japanese supercentenarian. He became the oldest verified male in history on December 28, 2012, at the age of 115 years and 253 days when he surpassed the age of Christian Mortensen

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    Tuti Yusupova Age-134

    Tuti Tojiboyevna Yusupova was an Uzbekistani longevity claimant. At the alleged age of 134 years, 270 days, she was claimed to be the oldest living person in the world and oldest person

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    Carmelo Flores Laura Age-123

    Carmelo Flores Laura (died 9 June 2014) was an unverified supercentenarian from Bolivia. Neither Guinness World Records nor any other international agency had verified his claim. According to the Gerontology Research Group Flores actually may have been 107 years old when he died. Flores himself stated he was probably 100 years or older.

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    Tane Ikai Age-116

    Tane Ikai was a Japanese supercentenarian who was, at her death, the oldest verified person ever from Japan and Asia. She was the first person from Japan verified to have reached the age 116.

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