Peshawar Zalmi enjoy a laughter-filled session with Kapil Sharma

DUBAI: Continuing with their mission of “spreading smiles” ahead of the Pakistan Super League's (PSL) third season, the Peshawar Zalmi management arranged a laughter session for the players with renowned Indian comedian Kapil Sharma.

The famed comedian entertained the Zalmi players with his stock of jokes. His chitchat with cricketers Darren Sammy, Kamran Akmal, and Mohammad Hafeez was especially hilarious.

Addressing skipper Sammy, Sharma asked: “Why do people call you Khan?"

“It’s because of Afridi. And also, maybe, because I’m from Peshawar,” replied the former West Indian captain.

The comedian also joked with Akmal and Hafeez about lifestyles in the subcontinent.

“You are three brothers; [with] one cousin playing top-level cricket — and you all have kids — it means Pakistan doesn’t need any other family in cricket,” he teased, making everyone cheer for the Akmals.

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