PTI Naya VIP Culture in Naya Pakistan

One of the bragging point of Paksitan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) was it will end the VIP culture in Pakistan. But like every other party they are now using the VIP Protocol and police mobiles in the name of security. This is Pakistan's people tax money that is now being used to provide VIP protocol to yet another political party of our Pakistan.

  1. 1

    Faisal Wawda *Ending* VIP Protocol

    Prominent PTI investor and leader Faysal Vawda is no MPA or MNA not even any government official but still having fun on ZamZama Streel DHA, Karachi

  2. 2

    Imran Khan in his Mehran Car Without VIP Protocol

  3. 3

    Imran Khan Badsha Sahab

    in old days Kings make people stand in line when they visit. This is the VIP culture of Imran Khan & PTI

  4. 4

    Using KPKpeople's money on Imran Khan VIP Protocol

    KPK has changed. Instead of ANP now PTI is looting it.

  5. 5

    Imrna Khan visiting APS school

    VIP protocol is NOT VIP protocol in Naya Pakistan

  6. 6

    Imran Khan in Naya Kohat with Naya Protocol

  7. 7

    Imran Kan in Naya Karachi

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