Rabi'ul-Awwal Herald Of Peace

Rabi'ul-Awwal Herald Of Peace

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    The entire world was in thick gloom. Ignorance was in full swing. Life was directionless and human values were at the lowest ebb. Humanity was in utmost despair and a hope poured in, a miracle occurred.

    In the Arabian Peninsula in the month of Rabi'ul-Awwal third month in the Islamic calendar, 571 CE, a baby was born. He was Muhammad [ S.A.W ]. He was blessing in disguise for the Arabs in particular and the world in general.

    When in his prime youth, Muhammad [ S.A.W ] began to show the signs foretelling that he was born to pull the world out from the clutches of uncertainty and steering it towards the eternal blessings of faith and confidence. Sad with the bloody skirmishes of Makkan tribes, Muhammad [ S.A.W ] formed “Halful Fuzul” an organisation of young men. The purpose of this organisation was to promote peace and love among the warring tribes.

    In the year, 610 CE, in the blessed month of Ramzan, Muhammad [ S.A.W ] received the Divine message. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah [ S.A.W ] was now ordered by the Lord of the universe to proclaim himself as Muhammad-ur-Rasullullah - The Messenger of Allah.

    On assuming Prophethood, Muhammad [ S.A.W ] embarked upon a career of enlightening the whole world with the Divine light. The consistent and painstaking efforts of the Prophet Muhammad [ S.A.W ] bore fruit and the ideal state of Madinah was born. The lifelong enemies became the most sincere friends of each other. Muhajireen and Ansar became one family. The exploiters of weak became the protectors of the oppressed. The proud Makkans became the most humble among men.

    The light lit by the Prophet Muhammad [ S.A.W ] in the hearts of his companions May Allah be pleased with them spread to the gates of Baghdad in Central Asia to as far as the confines of Spain in Europe.

    The teachings of the Prophet Muhammad [ S.A.W ] worked wonders amidst the chaotic and distressful conditions, and one nation after the other opened its bosom for the “Message of Salvation”.

    The post-modern world we live in is ripped off by rivalry, bloodshed, injustice, intolerance, suspicion, immorality and prejudice. There is diminishing state of peace and security both at regional, national and international levels. The existing nations require a potent memorandum that may put an end to mutual jealousy, hatred and intolerance and there can’t be any better option than the practice of Prophet Muhammad [ S.A.W ] as he unites the mission of the entire family of prophets Peace be upon them.

    He calls for “Kalimat-us-Siwa” the common word among the believers of Allah, Who created every human soul, blocks the inroads for discrimination and religious exclusiveness. He joined the lifelong enemies like Banu Aws and Banu Khazraj at Medina into the bond of brotherhood, softened the hardest of the hearts of haughty Makkan chieftains, and his exemplary character has still the capacity to unite the hardcore enemies into the robe of fraternity.

    I hope the Rabi'ul-Awwal of 1436 AH 2015 CE dawns with the gifts of love, sympathy, good will, friendliness, cooperation and unity within the Muslim world and traverses the lands of our other fellow beings as well.

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