Reasons Why The Phateechar Campaign Was Bogus

Many of us love cricket, Whole nation including political pundits and expert journalist supported the wasted money, security and economy for a happening, PSL Final in Lahore and believed it as a blessing to our culture, society, dignity and especially for War against Terrorism. All this narrative was just opposite for the historical construction of Taj Mahal by Mughals and was just considered as a waste, instead we could create schools, universities and hospitals. After few decades same will be said about this glorious event, History is very cruel and crucial, it study past for a better or bitter future. So be ready to hear from your siblings
"Instead of making a cricket event we should spend those bucks on constructing hospitals, schools and other welfare needs."

Despite, Imran Khan or any other person on Planet Earth should respect others, especially the Guests of the Nation, there are some other aspects of this bogus phateechar campaign, we need to ponder.

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    IFFAT HASSAN RIZVI Who Took The Credit of Phateechar Leak Video

    A female journalist (Iffat Hassan Rizvi) who took the credit of leaking the Phateechar video, should also have some respect for their profession. It was just an informal meeting not a press release or press conference. She and all the other reporters made the video on mobile phones and not from official camera so Imran Khan is not liable or responsible for his words because he wasn’t facing public at that time.

  2. 2

    Iffat In Her Interview Said

    Her facial expressions are quite full of happiness and it remind me the Reham Khan's, But to remind you she was the same person who made the video (may be fake or manipulated) of woman harassment at PTI Dharna in Islamabad… See the video that is available on her own YOUTUBE channel

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    PTI Dharna Women Harassment By IFFAT HASSAN RIZVI

    The main agenda of that meeting was actually Panama Case, but on a question he replied in the context if that “if PSL series succeeded” for which and he used the word Phateechar to compare the players. Rameez Raja also accepted in a Shahzeb Khan Zada Show that words like Fokker, marginal and phateechar are common jargons in our field. However yet again the statement floated out of the context and created much of buzz on social media including the Twitter that trended #phateechar throughout the day.

  4. 4

    Rameez Raja Said About Phateechar

    Even some of the anchors and media champions related it with RACISM what Imran Khan said that only African players were there. What a double standard and lack of memory our nation, we forget the song that aired on National TV KAALOO DEEWANEY, BOWLING NA JANE... AHA AHA….. Let us share this with Gale, Viv Richards and Sammy and see if they also relate this and that to RACISM

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    How Media Responded To It

    Now Let’s talk about media itself. Dawn News who politely yet politically criticized Imran’s statement is not suitable. The journalist Syed Irfan Raza reported this with headline like this

    "Imran belittles foreign stars who came to Lahore"

    Phateechar was one of the top trends of social media all day, and prompted all sorts of reaction. Most people criticised the PTI leader for seemingly discouraging and demeaning players such as former West Indian skipper Darren Sammy, his compatriots Marlon Samuels and Rayad Emrit, England’s Chris Jordan and DJ Malan, South African Morne van Wyk, Zimbabwean Sean Ervine and Bangladeshi cricketer Anamul Haque.

    And the desk Report staff planted the images of this issue with tweets on twitter criticizing Imran Khan’s Phateechar Statement.

  6. 6

    Dawn's Role not ended they went further to Collect the Tweets of People

    And the desk Report staff planted the images of this issue with tweets on twitter criticizing Imran Khan’s Phateechar Statement.

  7. 7

    Khalid H. Khan a reporter at the media group (Dawn) posted an article on 2nd March, and the headline was

    How come someone smell respect in the word Discarded. The dictionary listed words, rejected, waste, thrown out, thrown away, unwanted as the meaning and synonyms for this. However double standards is now an art.

  8. 8

    Did We Really Won Against Terrorism And Extremism

    After Final of PSL in Lahore, most of us are celebrating the victory against the terrorism with a bet and a ball, just like Malala Did with Pen and Book. Hello Army! It isn’t the case of weapons and warfare, when you can do it with Bet and Ball, or army don’t even have Balls to defeat Terrorism.

    The only rationale about Pakistan Wins and Terrorism Lost was the image above.

  9. 9

    The Girl With Yellow Card To Terrorist

    Perhaps she is the same or resembles lot with the girl that appeared in Waqar Zakka Show.. although this has nothing to do with this post but may be in Future.

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    Imran Khan Video

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