Top 10 Black Friday Online Shopping Deals Websites in Pakistan

Black Friday is a shopping event from 25 November to 27 November and has been popular in west for years. Now it has finally become a thing in Pakistan as well. Although, in Pakistan, you will find Black Friday deals only on online shopping website, however this year more and more websites are participating in the event due to lots of positive customer reviews. Following are some of the online shopping websites in Pakistan offering best deals for Black Friday 2016 shopping event in Pakistan.

  1. 1 Black Friday Shopping Deals, a leading online shopping website in Pakistan is offering up to 80% discounts on popular products. You can expect to see huge discounts on the products ranging from electronics, appliances, mobile & tablets and other categories.

  2. 2 White Friday Shopping Deals is another top online shopping site in Pakistan offering exclusive deals on the event. Although they are calling it White Friday instead of Black, essentially its same :D

  3. 3

    Kaymu,pk Black Friday Shopping Deals

    Kaymu,pk, sister website of, has also its own black friday shopping deals for Pakistan

  4. 4 Black Friday Shopping Deals, a TCS online shopping website started the B;lack Friday a couple of days before the event,. I guess they saw the moon early :)

  5. 5 Black Friday Shopping Deals, another online shopping website in Pakistan, has also some very interesting deals for Black Friday,

  6. 6 Black Friday Shopping Deals

    Shophive, another online shopping website is offering some very awesome mobile phones deals as part of Black Friday Shopping event.

  7. 7 Black Friday Shopping Deals which started as a tech & gadgets ecommerce website in Pakistan has also some awesome Black Friday Deals in Clothing and Accessories categories

  8. 8 Black Friday Shopping Deals has also some good deals for Black Friday

  9. 9 Black Friday Shopping Deals is one of the oldest online shopping website in Pakistan and it is also offering huge discounts for Black Friday

  10. 10 Black Friday Shopping Deals has also some very good black friday deals especially in cosmetics category.

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