Top 10 Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

Following is the list of top 10 websites offering online shopping in Pakistan.

  1. 1 is the leading online shopping site in Pakistan. Its a venture of Rocket Internet, a germany based tech giant.

  2. 2 is one of the largest online shopping store of Pakistan. It offers products in lots of categories.

  3. 3 is the oldest shopping site of Pakistan. in 2000's, It was the only website offering online shopping services in Pakistan.

  4. 4 is another leading and one of the oldest shopping site in Pakistan.

  5. 5 is another leading online store in Pakistan. Its headoffice is in Karachi.

  6. 6 is another leading shopping website. Its run by the same team who created

  7. 7 is a TCS company. They re-branded their old shopping website and named it

  8. 8 is one of the top online shopping website in Pakistan. It is particularly famous for its women fashion and clothing products. its logo look like , however its a project of which is one of the oldest website offering online gifts service in Pakistan.

  9. 9 is one of the leading online clothing and fashion website in Pakistan. It is reportedly a Leapord's Courier Service company.

  10. 10 is one of the most famous online shopping website in Pakistan. You can design your own products on

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