Top 7 Food Streets Of Karachi You MUST Visit

Karachi is undisputed winner when it comes to Desi Food that actually tastes delicious. And this is evident by the number of food streets and the foodies wandering in them. If you ever visit to Karachi, then you should visit these top Karachi food streets to taste the food that you will never find in any place of Pakistan, Yeah not even in Lahore :D

  1. 1

    Burns Road Food Street

    Dubbed as the Holy Grail of Food Lovers, Burns Road was the first official food street in Karachi. You aren't a true Karachitte if you haven't visited this holy place. The place is famous for being open till 4 AM in the morning.

    Burns road is the best source in the city to find true desi food. From famous bun kababs to Brain Masala and Karahi, this place has something for everyone. Although the place is little crowded and finding a place for car parking is not an easy task but in the end everything is worth it.

  2. 2

    Hussainabad Food Street

    Another great Karachi food street for desi food lovers. You can get almost everything here till 3 AM. From Brain Masala & Karachi to Beef Biryani and Haleem. From Rolls & Kebab Paratha to Sajji and BBQ. Hussainabad food street is a gem for food lovers.

  3. 3

    Boat Basin Food Street

    A beautiful combination of Desi and international food chains, Boat Basin food street is the best place if you want to eat with peace. Ample parking and totally family atmosphere with lots of choices ranging from traditional karahi to international food chains like KFC etc gives you enough to cheer up everyone. Unlike Burns Road and Hussainabad, this food street is is quite and peaceful.

  4. 4

    Port Grand Food Street

    If you are feeling fancy or have to impress someone then Port Grand is your best bet. This awesome place has a breath taking view as well as good food. Although its a bit pricey in comparison to other food streets however the quality and artistic nature of the place is something you wont find anywhere.

  5. 5

    Do Darya Food Street

    If you fancy eating in romantic & cozy atmosphere then you wont find anything like Do Darya Food Street in Karachi. Almost every restaurant there has special seating arrangements near sea where you can enjoy your food while watching the arabian sea. You can find desi food there as well as continental food including some mouth watering (no pun) desserts and ice creams. Although its a bit out of way and no public transport is available there, but its one of the best place in Karachi for dining out especially with family.

  6. 6

    Sindhi Muslim Food Street

    Located near the famous Tariq Road, Sindhi Muslim Food Street is a small food street that not only offers desi food but also features famous eateries like Nandos, Gloria Jeans, Roasters etc.

  7. 7

    North Nazimbad Food Street

    If you haven't heard about Damthal ki Halwa Puri and Delhi Sohail ki Nihari, then its time that you start asking questions. North Nazimbad Block 'H' Food Street is less known food street of karachi located near Five Star Chowrangi. It features one of the most famous niharis of Karachi as well as international fast food chains.

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