Top Pakistan TV Anchors Scandals

Media in Pakistan is the third biggest mafia of our country. Blackmailing, negative propaganda, sensationalism are some of their traits that has made a common man disregard them. Many Pakistani TV Anchors, Talk Shows Hosts and program presenters has been caught making people fool with their true intentions and character exposed by some brave people. However due to corrupt and dishonest media channels, these tv anchors always gets a job on some channel and start doing the same without any shame. Following are some of the biggest TV anchors scandals in Pakistan which has been exposed.

Whenever these anchors are caught red handed they always start the traditional "SAZISH HORAI HA" speech and try to divert attention from their crimes by pointing fingers at other people.

You can see their TRUE FACES and decide yourself.

  1. 1

    Sana Faisal from Abb Takk TV - Program Name Khufia

    SANA FAISAL, the host of KHUFIA from ABB TAK channel not only ENTERED someone PERSONNEL HOME without any WARRANT which is AGAINST Pakistan's constitution as well as AGAINST ANY MORAL LAWS.

    IRONICALLY the anchor preaches about MORALITY AND LAW whilst doing the UNLAWFUL AND SHARAMNAK act herself.

    The police accompanies these host because the officers can appear on TV and later harasses the people and take bribe.

  2. 2

    Mr Aamir Liaquat GEO TV Program Name Aalim Online

    this self proclaimed "religious scholar" not only swearing during RAMZAN but also making fun of sensitive issues like RAPE.

    The worst part is the two MOLVIS sitting with him and not even stopped him.

    This man keeps preaching other people about MORALS & ETHICS on the very same program.

  3. 3


    Malik raiz himself has accepted that he has BRIBED people and this is one of his example. Ironically the anchor MUBASHER LUQMAN named his program KHARA SACH.

    MEHER BUKHARI Wife of Kashif Abbasi who is also an ANCHOR, and MUBASHER LUQMAN taking instructions from son of then prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on what to say and how to say. They were provided instruction to let MALIK RIAZ say anything and for as long as he wants. MALIK RIAZ targetted the then CHIEF JUSTICE Iftikhar Chaudhry who has irked lots of people by calling them in COURT. These were the people who thought they are UNTOUCHABLES in Pakistan and yet then chief justice make the APPEAR before court and PUBLIC for their alleged CRIMES.

    The anchors MEHER BUKHARI & MUBASHIR LUQMAN still doing their SHARAMNAK SHOWS on some SHARAMNAK TV CHANNEL without any SHAME.

  4. 4

    NIDA YASIR Planted Fake Morning Show - Program Good Morning Pakistan - CHANNEL ARY TV


    She is SENSATIONALIZING a sensitive ISSUES by showing couple fights on TV.

    the SHARAMNAK hosts telling people to care about the issue because its sensitive while in reality those couples are professional actors.

    Even after being exposed NIDA YASIR still doing her SHARAMNAK SHOW in SHARAMNAK ARY CHANNEL

  5. 5

    Another Video of SANA FAISAL from ABB TAKK TV - Program Name Khufia

    just look at the ugly host with more ugly intentions and her gutter mindset

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