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The best part of the arrival and boom of mobile devices in our lives is that mobility and the digital world are put at our disposal to improve our quality of life with health apps for example or to entertain us at the same time we learn. But we can also take advantage of mobile devices and turn your smartphone into a mobile office with the creation of some mobile applications.

How can we get it? Surely you have noticed that many managers and entrepreneurs spend the day glued to a laptop, a tablet or their smart phones . That is because it is possible to manage your company and perform most of your daily work from these mobile devices. You just have to transform your office into a 'mobile' and online space.

This is no easy task at first because changing the entire method of work you currently have to convert it into digital is going to take your time. But by introducing some mobile applications and doing it little by little you will have time to get used to the new way of doing things.

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    TheNetHawks team has been building mobile solutions for over 7 years. This experience means they can deliver fully integrated solutions including mobile applications, mobile internet sites, augmented reality, mobile coupons, mCRM and location based services. they are experts in the development of apps using the latest mobile technologies.

    After many years in the mobile industry, they know better than anyone else the importance of ‘collaborative development’. they work alongside you to determine the best solution for your businesses budget. You are involved in the development process every step of the way to ensure your requirements and objectives are met and your app delivers an ROI.

    their expertise and knowledge branches into the following mobile operating systems:

    The Google OS, which powers 80% of all smartphone in the global market, is undoubtedly the leader in the ‘Battle of the Operating Systems’. The open eco-system of Android has worked in favour of Google, running most of the major smartphones in the world today. Having an application developed gives your customers and employee easy access to your business.


    The iPhone has transformed the smartphone market since its release in 2007. It changed the way people communicate with each other and is a device that millions of people worldwide now rely on. iOS is ideal for a wide variety of applications and its high resolution screen allows for particularly detailed graphics. As the iPhone can support very advanced technology, there are few limitations when developing apps for the device. Therefore, the variety of apps available will continue to grow as long as new ideas emerge.

    HTML 5

    Mobile web solutions are an integral part of the mobile strategy of companies worldwide. Pocket App combines years of industry experience with cutting edge HTML5 technology to deliver mobile web solutions that showcase the true potential of this exciting technology. HTML5 brings user experience to another level by incorporating gestures such as swipe and zoom, video and audio embedding, and includes a storage database allowing offline use. Most important of all the latest browsers fully support the new features of HTML5, without the use of additional plug ins.

    WINDOWS 10

    In October 2010, Windows Phone 7 OS was released, and has now evolved in Windows Mobile. The new user-friendly interface offers familiar Microsoft software to mobile users and is quickly being adopted as a corporate standard, replacing Blackberry.


    In October 2010, Windows Phone 7, the newest smartphone OS was released. With a user-friendly interface and offering mobile versions of familiar Microsoft software products its potential could be huge. Additionally, the partnership with Nokia announced in 2011 creates further opportunities for growth in the number of devices running this operating system. The number of apps within Windows Phone Marketplace is quickly growing with the 50,000 mark being hit at the end of 2011.

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    Smarti7 application design and development services, located in Pakistan, offer a complete one-stop solution to all your app development concerns.
    Duration : 3 to 4 Weeks & Cost : Rs.25000
    Duration : 4 to 5 Weeks & Cost : Rs.35000
    Duration : 5 to 6 Weeks & Cost : Rs.45000
    Duration : 6 to 7 Weeks & Cost : Rs.55000
    It will be based on client requirements. Development time and cost will be told after discussion over the project details.

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    Soft Solutions

    Soft Solutions have experience in Mobile Application Development with professional developers having more than a decade of experience. Soft Solutions works closely with its customers; Soft Solutions professionals make sure to discuss and understand your business objectives and then propose the best and the cheapest solution to get the job done.
    Following are Soft Solutions offshore mobile software solutions:

    • Mobile Game Development
    • Outsource mobile application development
    • .Net Mobile Application Development
    • Mobile Web Development
    • Offshore mobile software development in Visual Basic
    • Custom mobile application development in Java, J2M
    Soft Solutions provide Mobile Application Development platform including:

    • iPad Applications Development
    • Android Applications Development
    • IPhone Applications Development
    • Soft Solutions have a team of experts who can design and build Mobile Applications and Website development for Mobile Platforms.

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    GEXTON has a team of expert’s mobile application developers whose exclusive thought is to maximize our use of the iPhone to make modish, engaging, and simple to use applications that place out from the crowd and push borders where great. GEXTON currently develop applications for small to large organizations and also support some of the major digital agencies in the worldwide who contract out their mobile apps development to our in house panels.

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    Dev Batch

    We deliver Solutions, Not just the applications! If you are looking for the specialized mobile app developer, we are here to help. DevBatch, with 200+ apps delivered including native as well as cross platform, provides you with a brilliant mobile application development team. Our mobile app development company has a strong corporate identity and diligent team of mobile app developers. Our experienced and exuberant developers will turn your ideas into a feature rich and easy to use application that will surely help you in achieving your business goals. DevBatch gives you good reason to be confident that your mobile app development is in safe and responsible hands.
    Are you looking for unparalleled mobile experience for your users? Select a platform out of any of the following and you will see us going an extra mile to establish your unique identity in the smartphone world:
    • iPhone Application
    • iPad Application
    • Android Application
    • Windows Phone Application
    • BlackBerry Application
    • Platform selection / suitability advice
    • Fully customized / handcrafted solutions
    • Mobile application optimization according to the corresponding platform
    • Application integration with third party tools
    • Mobile app testing platforms with realistic test environment
    • Cost effective solutions
    • Mobile app marketing services
    • Seamless quality assurance and industry compliance

    App Developers and a Mobile Application Agency who can Create iOS Apps, Create Android Apps and Create Windows 8 Apps. So if you are looking for Application Developers in pakistan or the Best Pakistan App Developers, you have come to the right place.

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