Ultimate 4K Gaming Pc Setup

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    Ultimate 4K Gaming PC Setup

    Ultimate 4K Gaming PC

    Nvidia sent me a crazy Battlebox PC and it is absolutely Insane. Finally there are playable framerates across the board at 4K but it comes at a cost

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    $5800 Ultimate Gaming PC - Time Lapse Build

    Galledex is the $6000 Gaming PC Running 2 GTX 1080's in SLI.

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    $5000 Ultimate Gaming PC Build

    Exion is the $5000 Ultimate 4K Gaming PC for the month of August 2015. Its main purpose is to devour any game in Max Settings.

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    Building The Ultimate 4K Gaming PC 2016 - Part 3

    Two GTX 980s and a Skylake i7 - paired with 4K G-Sync, Ultrawide and 165hz monitors. Welcome to PC Gaming bliss...

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    Ultimate 12K Quad-Titan X Gaming Setup ft. Samsung U28D590D 4K Monitors

    Samsung was kind enough to give us 3 of their 4K monitors to play with and we wondered: would 4 Titan X GPUs be enough to power a triple 4K setup? So we found out.

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    Build the ULTIMATE 4K $15000 Gaming PC

    At a hefty price tag of $15000, this is the fastest possible 4k gaming pc that you can build that will achieve the highest possible fps rates on any game at ultra settings 4k. So far for 2015, no other sort of "ultimate" gaming pc has surpassed this in terms of raw gaming performance when it comes to 4k resolution. Out of any of today's popular pc titiles (battlefield 4/hardline, crysis 3, watch dogs, far cry 4, dragon age inquisition, ac unity, etc.), this pc will obviously run them at ultra settings 60fps at 4k.

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    The Compensator" Build Log - Our most insane build ever

    Is this build overkill? Awww yeah. Is it the best gaming experience that money can buy rigt now? I guess we'll find out..

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    $5000 ULTIMATE 4K Gaming PC Build

    $5000 ULTIMATE 4K Gaming PC Build

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    ULTIMATE Gaming PC 2016

    This is the final vid showing my unique 4K gaming build Custom Gaming PC in a Desk, its been in the planning for years & I finally started to build it February 2015. Its been a long hard project but also lots of fun along the way :)
    For more info on the build please check one if the build logs below or check my Facebook page as its updated the most at present.

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    Ultimate 4K Gaming PC Setup

    New Series Coming To My Channel, Ultimate 4K Gaming PC Setup!★ Gaming Setup

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    Insane Vertical GTX 1080 VR Ready PC Build

    The X-Factor Vertically Mounted GTX 1080 VR Ready System Build

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    Room Tour Project 35 - Best Gaming Setups

    if you want to submit your setup:
    1. Upload 10 photos of your setup, pc (open & closed), and all gear/peripherals to an Imgur album
    2. Include in the album description your entire PC specs and all gear/peripherals you have
    3. Send me the link in an email to [email protected]

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    Room Tour Project 48 - Best Gaming and Desk Setups

    Room Tour Project 48 - Best Gaming and Desk Setups

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