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Karachi is Paksitan's largest and the world's 7th largest mega city. Karachi City is also known as the City of Lights due to the fact that the city never sleeps. It is the only city in Pakistan which remains active all night. Famous for its Night Life, you have unlimited options in Karachi City for food, Hoteling, beaches etc.

Living and surviving in Karachi is cheap. You can find a jeans from 80 rupees to 8000 rupees and its same for all the things.

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    Karachi Population

    Although there is no latest official data on Karachi population, but its estimated that population of Karachi is now approx 24 million people. Karachi is the major attraction for people in Pakistan looking for jobs or to earn.

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    Find Karachi Weather

    Karachi weather has seen some dramatic shifting in recent years. You can find latest weather in karachi by searching "weather in Karachi" in Google. You can also find info about karachi weather from these websites


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    Find Time in Karachi

    You can find latest time in karachi by searching "current time in Karachi" in Google. You can also find current time in karachi from following websites.


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    Find Latest News Karachi

    Karachi situation changes very drastically. The city has been the target of some disturbing event however its now back to its old self and peaceful. You can find the latest karachi news from the following websites.


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    Karachi Hotels

    Following are some of the best Harachi hotels

    Karachi Marriott Hotel
    Ramada Plaza Karachi Hotel
    Movenpick Karachi Hotel
    Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi
    Avari Towers Karachi
    Regent Plaza Hotel

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